Grenfell Tower Fire - Dryvit Information Bulletin

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Dryvit UK Ltd would like to express their condolences to the families and friends affected by the tragic events of the recent fire at Grenfell Tower in West London.

We would like to provide reassurance, based on information available to us at this time, that the cladding system used at Grenfell Tower, West London was rainscreen cladding and not an External Wall Insulation (EWI) system, as marketed by Dryvit UK Ltd.

Dryvit EWI systems are independently tested to stringent fire standards when used on high rise buildings (over 18 m in height) by the UK’s leading Certification bodies to ensure their compliance with applicable UK Building Regulations, which additionally includes durability and structural performance.

Dryvit are confident through our applicator training programme and the successful fire testing performed over recent years that our EWI systems, when installed in compliance to our recommendations, meet all current fire standards applicable to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Until a full investigation is completed we are unable to comment further, but will be working closely with industry to understand the reasons how this incident occurred and react accordingly.

For more information on Dryvit systems fire certification please click on this link

Evolution to a Bold New Dryvit...

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Since 1969 our unique penguin logo has been the ubiquitous face of external wall insulation (EWI), first bringing the concept of insulation on the outside of the building to North America and eventually cementing Outsulation® as a vital and accepted component of the built environment worldwide.

Dryvit is very excited to present the new look and feel of Dryvit.  Above is Dryvit’s brand new logo.  Our old logo served us well for more than 45 years, but market conditions, building regulation requirements and decades of proven success have combined to create a new Dryvit - a Dryvit that is more efficient, more responsive and better equipped to drive innovation in cladding solutions than at any time in its history.  Once regarded primarily as a specialised product known for its unique energy efficiency benefits, Dryvit has evolved into a mainstream construction solution, offering systems and products for every building type and construction challenge.

       The new Dryvit:

  • Is closer to its customers
  • Offers solutions for new construction, renovation and modular prefabrication
  • Is a global leader in sustainable building solutions
  • Is committed to excellence in manufacturing, adhering to the highest standards and our operational priorities of safety, quality, service, cost. 

      Our new logo:

  • Retains the core brand equities that have catapulted Dryvit to the top of the EWI brand category, but also demonstrates the expansion of Dryvit’s applicability outside of the traditional EWI category – Dryvit is a solution for ALL building types.
  • Is a reflection of the reality that this is not your father’s Dryvit – that this is a company committed to being a more contemporary player in the construction industry.
  • Creates energy and a renewed sense of purpose that aligns with new, innovative initiatives that Dryvit has introduced to the market
  • Is sleeker and more modern

In short, we have re-branded the company because it was time to meaningfully demonstrate that Dryvit is a new, invigorated and vibrant company never before better equipped to provide quality cladding solutions to every building type.  We are relevant and contemporary, and we’re going to be pushing the building envelope in ways none of us thought possible.

Watch logo transformation.


Dryvit Outsulation project, The Vale Centre, Alexandria highly commended at 2014 INCA awards

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The Vale Centre for Health and Care in Alexandria won the NHS Scotland Design Award for 2013, in recognition of the high quality build that provided a state-of-the-art healthcare hub. Dryvit worked closely with both the architect and design team from the main contractor so that the crisp white rendered façade perfectly matched their design intent.

The project achieved the target U-value of 0.19W/m²K and, perhaps most impressively, a BREEAM Excellent rating. The EWI system was installed to ensure the highest possible levels of finish quality for a project that provides a broad range of health services to the local and wider community. These services include patient treatment and consultation, staff resources and teaching facilities.

For more information regarding The Vale Centre please view our project gallery - The Vale Centre, Alexandria.


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BBA Issue Dryvit Drysulation Certificate

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The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has recently issued certification for Dryvit's Drysulation external wall insulation system (EWI). The system already held a European Technical Approval (ETA) prior to BBA review with a proven track record for Dryvit on installations across Europe. Drysulation has been introduced to the UK market with Green Deal and ECO in mind but it also compliments our comprehensive range of EWI systems for use on private, public or commercial projects.

BBA certification was deemed necessary to extend the system offer covered under the existing ETA specifically for the UK market. The system certification now includes standard grade (white) and high performance low lambda (grey) expanded polystyrene, high performance HDP 'hydrophobic' silicone based finishes, FD PMR accelerated film forming acrylic based finishes, Brick Effect finish and a wide range of Dash Aggregate finishes. 

For further system information please review our literature section. 

If you have a project in mind for Drysulation that may require a specification or detailing the please contact us.



NSECH, Cramlington wins INCA Awards Project of the Year 2015

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The NSECH project was recognised at the 2015 Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) Awards. The project won the award for the Non Residential New Build Category and also picked up the coveted Project of the Year Award. In the words of the independent judging panel "the ambitious and striking finish of this project helped to set it apart from the other worthy winners".

Built by Lend Lease the new Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSECH) near Cramlington is the first of an innovative new model of emergency care facilities to be built throughout the UK. This new concept of hospital care has a clear outset goal - saving more lives and improving clinical outcomes for patients.

Dryvit worked closely with the Architect and the Design Team from Lend Lease to ensure the most suitable system specification was found that could meet the stringent requirements set out by both building control and the NHS, such as fire performance, whilst delivering the highest levels of aesthetic finish on such a large and challenging project. From the outset the Project Team required a system that could achieve a strong thermal performance to meet the projects goal of 0.19 W/m2k whilst providing a high quality finished white and blue smooth render that could achieve the complex design intent of the scheme. 19,000 m2 of Dryvit's Outsulation external wall insulation (EWI) system was installed directly onto a lightweight steel frame and sheathing board substrate. Completed: 2014.


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