Project Gallery

Marlborough Road - Ashford, Middlesex

System: Drysulation
Finish: FD PMR, TerraNeo
Texture: Sandpebble Fine
Sector: Residential

Located in Ashford, Middlesex, this Edwardian property has recently been transformed aesthetically and upgraded thermally following the installation of the Dryvit Drysulation external wall insulation (EWI) system.

With its solid wall construction, the property built in 1905 from London Stock 9" bricks was extremely inefficient which resulted in both high heating bills and localised areas of dampness. 100mm of high performance Low Lambda Dryvit LL expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation was adhesively and mechanically fixed to the substrate to upgrade the energy performance of the existing structure.

The Drysulation insulated render system was finished on standard wall areas with Dryvit FD PMR finish. To accentuate the Edwardian features of the property the Dryvit speciality finish Terraneo was installed to the feature bands at the top of the elevation and around the windows.

The strong thermal performance of the Drysulation system allows Specifiers to meet even the most stringent U value targets to satisfy carbon emission reduction goals for both new build and refurbishment projects, whilst the wide array of finish textures and colours provide total design flexibility. This system can also been installed in conjunction with governement funding and cashback schemes such as the Green Deal. 100m2 Drysulation installed.

Dryvit's market leading fire certification