Tesco Mixed Use Development - Orpington

System: Outsulation, Outsulation Rail
Finish: PMRB
Texture: Sandpebble Fine
Sector: Retail/Leisure, Residential, Commercial
Project details below

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This Tesco mixed use development includes an 80,730 sq ft Tesco store, 73 one and two bed flats, a community medical centre and 941 town centre car parking spaces. The scheme comprises a number of green initiatives in line with Tesco’s aim to reduce the amount of energy its developments use. Dryvit's external wall insulation (EWI) systems specified on the project had to meet the energy performance criteria to satisfy building control for both commercial and residential elements as well as satisfying NHBC requirements for the residential part of the build. A total of 7,000m2 of Dryvit insulated render systems were installed. Outsulation EWI was adhesively fixed on solid substrates to the commercial elements while the residential element used the Outsulation Rail EWI system on a sheathed lightweight steel frame structure. PMRB finish in a Sandpebble Fine texture was used in three colours on the scheme with white and a bespoke red and blue colour match to the represent the Tesco branding.


Dryvit's market leading fire certification