Revolutionising Protection of the Building Substrate

Traditional breather papers and wraps create obvious paths for moisture to reach-and compromise-the substrate. Our seamless, liquid applied air and water-resistive barriers stop moisture in its tracks keeping your substrate protected as well as air tight. Whether you are applying it under any one of our external wall insulation (EWI) systems or a non-EWI wall assembly, we've got your building substrate covered!

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Backstop NT Texture - Trowel Apply
Backstop NT Smooth - Roller Apply
Backstop NT+AquaFlash - Sealing Buildings Tight
Backstop NT Spray - Spray Apply
Backstop NT - Applied Over Brick
AquaFlash Flashing System - Used to protect openings

Thinking Outside the Box for Protection of Building Substrates

Aquaflash& Backstop air and moisture barriers deliver a protected envelope even before your EWI or other cladding system is installed giving ultimate piece of mind.

Floral Hall
Outsulation Plus here to stay at this Hotel & Leisure Complex
The tough coastal environment dictated the specification of the external envelope at Floral Hall in Southport. Dryvit’s Outsulation Plus external Wall Insulation (EWI) system, incorporating Backstop NT and Aquaflash air & moisture barrier over SFS, satisfied all performance criteria and also delivered on aesthetics with Dryvit Shape prefabricated profiles.
AquaFlash/Backstop NT Video
The best way to understand how our seamless, liquid-applied air and water-resistive barrier products work is to see how it is applied to the wall, so why not view our installation videos.

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