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For the first time, since the time of the Roman Empire, there has been an improvement to clay brick. Now you can use NewBrick by Dryvit to get the clay brick look you desire without all of the things you don't like about traditional clay brick: long product lead times, heavy and difficult to install, a diminishing and hard-to-find experienced application labour force, very costly, almost impossible to repair, and poor energy efficiency.  NewBrick™ is applied just like clay brick-one brick at a time, using the same mortar used in clay brick to join the bricks.  Only, it is 1/35th the weight of the brick, meaning it is easier to install, faster to the job site, and far more environmentally responsible. Frankly, it's just a better brick, and it can be applied over almost any substrate-including over our own high performance Outsulation® systems. It's a bold new world for brick!




Heath Lane Dartford - NewBrick arch
Close Up of NewBrick
Window detail
Grouting NewBrick
End brick detail
Standard &custom patterns

Join the Revolution: It's a New Day with NewBrick by Dryvit


Heath Lane, Dartford
Dryvit NewBrick Delivers Stunning Facelift for Dartford Housing
Dartford semi-detached homes enjoy a makeover with Dryvit external wall insulation (EWI) incorporating NewBrick. Both Client and residents are delighted with the improvements, which will reduce running costs by exceeding energy saving targets, while at the same time enhancing kerb appeal.

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