Prefabricated External Wall Insulation Systems

Prefabricated External Wall Insulation (EWI) system options from Dryvit offer fast track installation for use on either new build or refurbishment projects. These prefabricated systems possess the same benefits as site applied EWI system but in addition offer factory controlled quality and rapid installation unhindered by environmental conditions that would normally affect traditional building methods. Prefabricated panels can be installed of mast climber or mobile towers, reducing access time and cost.

Refer to System Sheets for a guide to each system build-up see below.


A prefabricated EWI and finish system incorporating expanded polystyrene (EPS). Insulation is reinforced through its core by steel sections and panels as mechanically or adhesively fixed. Suitable for use over solid or framed substrates.

Outsulation Conventional Panel

A “whole wall” prefabricated EWI and finish system incorporating  a lightweight steel stud frame, sheathing and insulation. Mechanically or spot weld fix to supporting channels cast in slab. Suitable for use over framed structures.