About Us

Why the Penguin Logo?

When Dryvit was founded in 1969, the penguin logo was the obvious choice to represent the company because of the similarity in the way that Dryvit’s external wall insulation (EWI) and a penguin’s skin work.

image013Dryvit’s EWI comprises of an insulation core and outer weatherproof layers that work on a simple premise: insulation is more effective when placed on the exterior of a building. This keeps the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



The skin of a Penguin works on the same premise. An inner fat layer provides insulation and an outer layer of feathers provides a wind and waterproof barrier keeping it warm in extreme conditions and cool on a warm day, which helps the penguin regulate its’ temperature.

image019In more recent years, the penguin is a symbol that we have come to globally associate with climate change and the environment.  Given that Dryvit’s energy efficient EWI systems offer such a cost-effective solution to reducing carbon emissions from buildings, the penguin has become an ever more fitting logo for the Dryvit brand.